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Crococrypt Encryption Technology by Hissen IT

All products are still in active development or support (status from 05/2024), although the latest version of some apps/libraries is a couple of years old. If you have any requests, simply drop an e-mail!

Please read our article "Crococrypt Product Family Status of 2021 (Quo vadis?)" for more information.

Software that we offer as open-source or freeware is allowed to be used for commercial and private use.

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Freeware Downloads



An encryption tool for mirroring directories to encrypted containers (Freeware)



An encryption software for creating encrypted files and file archives (open-source)

Commercial Software


CrococryptMirror Pro

An encryption tool for backups and mirroring of directories to encrypted files



A Java and Android encryption library with an SDK which allows for the easiest integration of cryptographic operations into your own enterprise software or software product. Cryptography know-how is not required for a secure integration.



CrococryptFile WebDecrypt

The WebDecrypt application implements the decryption of CrococryptFile archives (password-based only) in a Web application, so users do not have to have CrococryptFile installed! This application also runs on a free instance of Google's App Engine (GAE). Download the application package on CrococryptFile's download page.



An open-source project on GitHub. It as a web application which could roughly be described as "anonymous & encrypted Swiss safe deposit box for computer files". It can also be used as file exchange platform.

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PAD Files for Software Distributors

If you are a software/freeware/shareware distributor, you might want to checkout our always up-to-date PAD files of our software products.

Tailor-made Java Software Components and Services: Cryptography, Encryption, Authentification

We offer software development services worldwide for Java-based middleware components in the areas of cryptography, encryption, and security. This includes simple libraries, Web applications, Android apps and Java fat-clients (e.g., Swing- or JavaFX-based).

For instance, we integrate secure password hashing schemes into your custom Web application or Web service using PBKDF2 or other state-of-the-art algorithms or integrate application-level encryption using AES-256 into your database application.

Keywords: OAuth, HSM, SmartCards, PKI, X.509 etc.

Java Cryptography Development